Like "I have had three friends that had gastric bypass surgery done. One had complications and died on the operating table. Second one had a successful surgery and lost about 200 lbs. but developed ulcers on the little bit of stomach she had left, so they took that part out. Now her small intestine is directly attached to her esophagus. The third one had a successful surgery and lost a about 260 lbs but I wonder about her long term success. We went shopping the other day and I chose to park three parking spaces away from an open spot because it was a little larger and my car was less likely to get scratched. She says, "What? Do you like to walk?" It was only three spaces. Her surgery might have been successful but she is still thinking like someone who is very fat and does not like to move. Personally, those surgeries scare the hell out of me. My doctor and I have one standing argument of me needing to lose weight and the medication she has me on making it too difficult to keep weight off. When she started to ask if I would ever consider getting a weight loss surgery I told her I would rather be a fat, over-medicated diabetic than go through that surgery. We found a way to compromise on the medications and now I am losing weight and keeping my blood sugar under control. "