Like "Many of you may know that my wife has had the gastric surgery in Nov 09 after seriously considering the lapband. First of all there are a number of online support groups that I can hook you up with if you are truly interested, just let me know. My wife is quite active on them. There are also many in-person support groups that you should consider attending but just like diabetes, it's your body and your willingness towards success that will determine your results from it. It is a tool. There is a great deal of debate on whether weight loss surgery (WLS) actually works on the disease of diabetes or if the gastric diet (lower carbs, very small portions, etc) is what is showing the results. On the support groups I have been exposed to some people are no longer diabetic while others are not only still diabetic but have lost weight only to put it back on. Again the key word here is TOOL, not cure. Prior a surgery you will undergo nutritional counseling. Most insurance companies (unless you are paying out of pocket) will require a slight weight loss prior to the surgery. Your BMI must be a certain level (although being diabetic the BMI level is less than non-diabetic). There are side effects that you should also be aware of. The surgery should be for the morbidly obese who have attempted as many self-help processes as possible because WLS should be the absolute last consideration to dropping weight and should not be approached for eliminating diabetes. To promise such a thing would be, in my opinion, giving false hope. My wife is very glad she did it (to my dismay at first) but is a happier person who just reached the under 200 pound scale reading where it was over the 300 mark. We're now finding the women at Fashion Bug know us by name as she'd needed a whole new wardrobe to replace the Walgreens 3/$10 sweat outfits she's used for the slim-down. Your doctor may not have the answers. Try searching for a specialist in your area and go for a (usually free) consultation with as many questions as you have. There is alot to consider before this kind of drastic surgery... your mind, body and soul. "