Earl Grey Latte Pops

By abbeysue

Convert your favorite latte into a popsicle for a cool treat.

Earl Grey Latte Pops
  • 1 cup boiling water

  • 2 Earl Grey tea bags (with double bergamot)

  • 1 tablespoon amber agave nectar

  • 1 cup light coconut milk (or heavy cream)

  1. Add the boiling water in a glass 1-cup measuring cup. Add the tea bags. Cover and steep 10 minutes. Remove tea bags, and let cool for 20 minutes. Stir in the agave nectar.

  2. Pour the coconut milk (or cream) into a measuring cup with a spout.

  3. Place 5 popsicle sticks in your popsicle molds. Make the first layer the tea. Let freeze for 30 minutes before adding the coconut milk layer. Repeat until all liquid is used. You should end up with 5 popsicles, depending on the size of your molds.

Nutritional Facts

Calories 110
Total Fat 12g
Saturated Fat 10g
Sodium 10mg
Potassium 135mg
Total Carbohydrate 3g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Protein less than 1g

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