Low Carb Green Smoothie

By aleahk

Avocado not only adds thickness to this smoothie, but heart-healthy fats.

Low Carb Green Smoothie
  • 1 1/4 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

  • 2 ice cubes

  • 2 cups of spinach

  • 1/2 of an avocado

  • 1 tbs of roasted flax seeds *they must be roasted for this recipe

  • 4-5 drops of vanilla stevia

  1. Blend everything up in a blender. Pour into a glass and enjoy right away.

Nutritional Facts

Calories - 234
Total Fat - 19g
Saturated Fat - 3g
Sodium - 269mg
Carbohydrates - 15g
Fiber - 11g
Sugars - 1g
Protein - 7g

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3 replies

ohneclue 2017-05-21 17:31:31 -0500 Report

Better make sure those "roasted flax seeds" are also ground. Whole ones make NO nutritional content at all. I think the carb count is off — or maybe the vanilla flavored almond milk has sugars in it that the straight almond milk doesn't when it is unsweetened.

Ms. Lizz
Ms. Lizz 2016-08-03 16:53:48 -0500 Report

Green smoothies of any kind are the bestest. I love having another way to get my greens in. The means being tasty is even more of appetizing!