Meal Plan Day 15: Breakfast and Morning Snack

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We've partnered with the experts at EatingWell to bring you this complete, 28-day meal plan for people with diabetes. Delicious recipes with a balanced daily plan are designed to help you achieve blood sugar control.

Meal Plan Day 15: Breakfast and Morning Snack
Nutritionist Tested & Approved
  • Breakfast

  • 1 cup 1% milk

  • 1 orange, medium

  • 1 1/2 cups Cheerios cereal

  • Morning Snack

  • 1 cup cantaloupe melon

  • 1 cup 1% cottage cheese, no-sodium-added

  1. Remember, no meal plan is perfect for every person with diabetes. Adjust as needed for your individual blood sugar goals.

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k barny
k barny 2012-09-19 09:07:24 -0500 Report

i never eat this much for any single meal. i am holding hi school graduate pounds. you should be!