Caprese Chicken

By Gambling

Caprese Chicken
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

  • 1 tsp. Italian seasoning

  • ½ tsp. salt

  • ½ tsp. grated lemon peel

  • 1 tbsp. olive oil

  • 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar

  • 1 large plum tomato, cut into 8 thin slices

  • ½ c. shredded mozzarella cheese

  • ¼ c. chopped fresh basil leaves

  1. Between pieces of plastic wrap or waxed paper, place each chicken breast smooth side down; gently pound with flat side of meat mallet or rolling pin until about ½ inch thick. In small bowl, mix Italian seasoning, salt and lemon peel; rub mixture evenly over smooth side of chicken.

  2. In 10-inch skillet, heat oil and vinegar over medium-high heat. Add chicken, seasoned side down; cook 8 to 10 minutes, turning once, until no longer pink in center.

  3. Reduce heat to low. Top each chicken breast with 2 tomato slices and 2 tablespoons cheese. Cover; cook 2 minutes or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle with basil.

Nutritional Facts

Nutrition (per serving)
(g) 2
(g) 36

chicken/poultry ultra-low-carb main dish

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