Tuna Salad

By Sounhappy

A satisfying light meal that’s low in carbs, fat and calories and only requires a few inexpensive ingredients.

Tuna Salad
  • One can of solid white, packed in water tuna, 4 oz when water is drained off. Start with a 5 oz can. You can always used fresh cooked tuna also.

  • ½ medium head of iceberg lettuce or any lettuce you prefer *

  • ½ Vidalea sweet onion or any other sweet onion

  • 1 tbsp miracle whip salad dressing

  • 1 tablespoon Paprika

  1. In a large bowl, rip your lettuce in bite size pieces, cut your onion up in small pieces add to lettuce, drain your tuna, add to mix, add your miracle whip salad dressing and paprika, mix until all is coated. Is a wonderful tasty lunch for someone watching their weight or watching their diabetics. Very filling.

  2. *As a rule, the darker green the leaves, the greater the nutritional value of lettuce. Romaine and loose-leaf lettuce, for example, have up to six times as much vitamin C and five to ten times as much beta carotene as iceberg lettuce.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional facts
Total Calories
Total Fat
5 g
Saturated Fat
24 mg
415.5 mg
6 g
5.5 g
3 g

fish and seafood ultra-low-carb tuna

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sarab76 2011-07-13 08:06:53 -0500 Report

I think celery would make a great addition and I am never fond of plain old iceburg lettuce. I will always go for spinach and Romaine when given choices. I also make this salad with white meat chicken chunks when I am out of tuna.

Sounhappy 2011-06-25 11:59:44 -0500 Report

this is a very easy recipe, of course you can change it around a bit by using different types of lettuce, and different seafood. If you absolutely hate Miracle whip, then use a Mayo of your choice. There are a lot of varieties. Very filling, and will keep you going without bogging you down.