By sisson

  • Dryde red California Chiles around 10. Half an ouion a pinch of salt or a little more a dash of garilc or more depends of how much garilc you like. And a Tea spoon of boilon or fresh juich from the chichken or beef or a half a cup of water . I all way tast it's done

  1. So what you do first you sook the chilies in hot water for around 20 min then atfer that you take out the seeds and put to boil and boil for 25 mins.

  2. 2.Put the chilie's in a blender with the half of ouion salt Granulated calif garlic and the bouillon and water or the juice of the chicken of beef in till it is a liuiquidy. The good reson why I put this sause is because I don't get heart brarns from it so I hope you guys don't too because I do from can sause.

Nutritional Facts

I realy can't say becaues it's all made fresh it's is use for Chicken
Encheladas and you can put it on Rice. My chilie's I buy them lose so I realy can't say I use Knorr Chickhen Flavor Bouillon total fat=0g Sodium=870mg tatal carbs&lt
1 Total of 10 Calories salt Calories 0 Total Fat 0g Sodium 590mg Total Carbs 0g and some Chilie Pods op for some spice if you like it hot!


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