Russian Vinagrette Salad

By felondiga

  • 3 Large Beets

  • 3 Large carrots

  • 3 Large potatoes

  • 3 Large sour pickles finely diced

  • 2 Medium onions finely diced

  1. Scrub beets, cut off tops. Cook whole beets, carrots and potatoes together until tender (potatoes will turn pink). When cool enough to handle, dice and add diced pickles and onions.

  2. Make dressing by combining 1/3 cup oil with ¼ cup vinegar or lemon juice, 1 teaspoon salt (not heaping) and ¼ cup of the juice of the pickles. Toss well. Some variations add sour kraut. This works better with fresh vegetables instead of canned.

Nutritional Facts


side dish or salad