Hamburger Dip

By christi46750

  • 1lb Hamburger

  • 1 can Hormel Chili with no beans

  • 1 can Refried Beans

  • Salsa - however much you want for taste and degree of hotness(mild, medium, hot)

  • Shredded Cheese - how much ever you want

  • Tortilla Chips

  1. Fry hamburger in a pan. Drain. Put hamburger back into pan, add chili, refried beans, salsa, and cheese and stir. Turn heat on low until everthing is combined and cheese is melted.

  2. Spoon into bowls and enjoy with tortilla chips.

Nutritional Facts

Not sure


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Peachieking 2011-03-14 14:13:41 -0500 Report

This looks almost the same recipe that my b/f's aunt made I'm gonna try it sometime man looks really awesome Ty 4 posting it!

mimiof6 2011-02-06 14:51:21 -0600 Report

i use ground turkey, 2 paks of chili powder, and chili beans with 1 can of tomato juice. great taste