No name breakfast or anytime dish!


  • Egg or Eggbeaters enough for 2, 1/4 grn. pepper, 1/4 onion of your choice or add several. Sm. can mushrms. or seveal fresh. 2 Med. potatoes, cut for frying.

  • Oil of your choice. Meat of your choice. I like a mixture, sometimes. Chopped Bologna, or chopped hot dogs, Sausage links, Pork or Turkey, Ham, and or, Polish Sausage.

  1. Fry your Potatoes in the oil, add the veg. and meat. Season like you like. I use Italian seasonings, Garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cook until potatoes are done and add your eggs or egg beaters. Very good! You might be able to bake this, I'm sure it would be delicious!

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breakfast or anytime meal

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sc1boy 2010-12-07 19:50:05 -0600 Report

sounds like mine and here it is… bacon, ham, bologna, turkey, roast beef, onions, bell peppers, salsa, cheese, and whatever veg. you would like

Cooking Instructions
Put onion, bell peppers, ham, bologna, turkey, roast beef in pan and brown onions and peppers till desired. Beat eggs in seprate bowl and add to mixture. Cook until eggs are done till desired. Add cheese to top of mixture along with salsa.

SKKH 2010-12-04 21:48:36 -0600 Report

I forgot another ingredient that can be added. Cheese! American, Velveeta, Colby, Whatever you like.