TC Three Meat Meal

By Medicine Man

  • About 3 pounds of cooked chicken

  • One pound of cooked and drained sausage

  • One pound of sliced turkey hot dogs

  • One pound of mixed veggies

  • One large can of diced tomatoes with chillies

  • One medium jar of salsa

  • One half pound of walnuts

  1. Cook a five-pound de-skinned, de-fatted chicken (or use three pounds of boneless, skinless chicken). Be aggressive at removing skin and fat before cooking. When cooked, strip meat from chicken bones then dice or break up into bite-sized chunks. Set aside in refrigerator. I have tried it with rotissed, boiled and crock-potted chicken. Each works well. The key is to get as much fat out of the meat as possible.

  2. Cook one pound of lean sausage together with one pound of sliced turkey hot dogs then drain well. Draining reduces the amount of flavor but it also reduces the amount of fat.

  3. Combine meats in large pot then add one large can of diced tomatoes with chillies, one medium jar of salsa and one half pound of walnut pieces.

  4. Heat over medium heat until hot then serve.

  5. Ingredients can be substituted and amounts can easily be modified to taste. Spaghetti sauce can be used instead of salsa. Diced tomatoes without chillies makes a milder mix. Using less than one half pound of walnuts may be more palatable for many but I l-i-k-e crunch in every bite.

Nutritional Facts

Sugar free.

full mean dish