Fruit Salad

By Linnie Eastling

  • 1 can manadrin oranges - drained, 1 can fruit cocktail (lite) - drained, 1 medium can diced or chunked pineapple - drained, 1/2 bag of coconut, 1 quart container of vanilla yogurt.

  1. Mix all ingrediates together and cool for 1 hour. Enjoy.

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lkh6951 2010-12-29 21:26:33 -0600 Report

I prefer less prepackaged food. I make my fruit salad with apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines, 1small can pineapple tid-bits - drained, cherries, flaked coconut to taste, 1 quart container of vanilla yogurt.

Dice and/or slice fresh fruit and mix all ingrediantes together and chill for 1hour. Enjoy the different textures and flavors.

Sly Kitty
Sly Kitty 2010-12-29 17:29:50 -0600 Report

Canned fruit is high in sugar so I would suggest if using canned fruit even in light syrup to drain & rinse fruit before combining & also getting sugar free (natural) coconut if you want to add that. In fact, if you toast the coconut before you get more coconut flavor & some of the oil from the coconut is burned off. You can substitute vanilla yogurt with plain Greek Fage yogurt which is lower in sugar. All of these are what I do & will cut a large amount of sugar & calories.

leonmelton 2010-11-03 03:29:28 -0500 Report

sounds good,and i will try it.i,m not good about eating fruits as i should so this is a help to me .thanks!