Fried Turkey

By Spoonie

  • Turkey legs, or

  • Turkey wings (seperated)

  • flour,

  • sea salt,

  • poultry seasoning

  • pepper,

  • onion powder,

  • garlic powder

  • one large (family size) can chicken broth

  • and any other seasoning, that you enjoy,

  • like fresh onions,

  • fresh garlic.

  1. 1.wash hands

  2. wash Tuirkey

  3. 3.using a large stewing potfill with water 3/4 way

  4. place Turkey in water, with seasoning, and chicken broth

  5. boil until done, (when Turkey is seperating from bone)

  6. in skillet or deep fryer heat up cooking oil to about 350*

  7. remove Turkey from pot

  8. roll in flour, (Turkey will be hot, be very careful)

  9. place floured Turkey in cooking oil, and fry until golden brown

  10. remove from fryer and place on paper napkins to catch oil, and to cool

  11. then serve with your favorite side dish

Nutritional Facts

Turkey as you know is good for diabetics
low in fat
no sugar
tastes great


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