EGYPTION - Fish and Shrimp Tacos de Huerta Verde

By ali eletre

  • Ingredients

  • Sea bass or Snapper filets

  • shrimp

  • cucumbers (sliced and marinated in lime juice)

  • guacamole

  • red onions (sliced and marinated in lime and vinegar)

  • Tomatillos mole

  • radishes (serve whole)

  • 2 different salsas (green and red)

  • cole slaw

  • sour cream, if available

  • flour tortillas

  1. Prepare fish: slice into 1- to 1/2-inch strips, cut off all brown parts and skin, so all that is left is nice white filets. The best fish for this is Sea bass (cabrillo) or Snapper filets (pargo). Sea bass is preferred and usually plentiful fresh in the mornings in Mexico. Dip into Huerta Verde's Famous Batter and fry or deep fat fry.

  2. Prepare shrimp: Clean and devein shrimp, rinse and drain thoroughly. Put on ice until ready to cook. Dip into Huerta Verde's Famous Batter and pan fry or deep fat fry.

  3. Pan fry means 1 inch of shortening or similar cooking oil hot, turn when golden brown. If cooking oil gets to hot and spatters, put in a pinch of salt. You will cook filet the same way (pan fry).

Nutritional Facts

Serve to guest their preference
fish or shrimp or both. Serve on flour tortilla 2 at a time. Guests can make their own Tacos

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