Coffee Latte

By Susie624

  • 1 1/4regulargrind espresso or otherdark roast coffee.1 cinnamon stick broken into pieces,6 cups water,2 1/2 tsp equalmeasure or 8 packets equal sweetner or 1/3 equal spoonful,2 1/2cups skim milk,1 pinch ground cinnomon or nutmeg

  1. Place espress and cinnomon stick in filter basketof drip coffe pot brew coffe witht the water.stir equalinto coffee;pour into 8 mugs or cups.Heat milk in small saucepan until steaming.Pour half into blendr at high speed until foamy,(about 15 seconds); pour milk into 4 cups of coffee spooning foam on top,repeat with remaining milk.Sprinkle with cinnanon or nut meg before serving.

Nutritional Facts

34 cal.
0g. fat
cholesterol 1mg
sodiun41 g.
sugars 5g.
protein 3gs. exchanges milk
skim 1/2 makes 8 servings

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