Make-a-head Mashed Potatoes

By hendo612

  • 8 Large russet potatoes (or one bag potato pearls) 8 oz sour cream 8 oz cream cheese for garnish - pats of butter, paprika (and I like shredded chedder)

  1. Boil potatoes till done and mash (or prepare a large bowl of mashed from potato pearls) with a hand mixer mix in the cream cheese and sour cream till thoughally blended. PLace mixture in an oven safe bowl and store in fridge. On the day of meal, preheat oven to 350 add pats of butter or shredded cheese to top of potatos and bake for 30 minutes or until completely warm through, serves 10

Nutritional Facts


dinner high carbs not diabetic friendly red potatoes

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gingerbreadlady 2009-12-10 14:15:06 -0600 Report

My son just saw a dietition for his diabetes and she included a recipe using cauliflower, you can add cheese to it, sour cream and chives, cream cheese and I believe whole cream and butter, to taste, a little pepper and mash for faux mashed potatoes.

gingerbreadlady 2009-12-10 14:13:00 -0600 Report

This is not diabetic friendly. Carbs are not that good for us. If you have them with a meal, limit the serving to 1/2 cup at a meal and remember to count your total carbs for the day according to what the dietition says you are allowed to have.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-12-08 10:41:20 -0600 Report

Potatoes are very high in carbs. You need to count about 18 grams per 1/2 cup.

You just need to be aware that you can send your blood sugar soaring if you're not very careful with these.

Susie624 2009-12-08 05:47:40 -0600 Report

I dont know about the nutrition part ,but they sure sound good and easy to fix might have to try the idea for the holidays.another idea would be to get a few throw away pans and use them lined with foil then you can jusy wrap in the foil freeze then take them out and keep until ready to use.