Angel Fluff

By FLDawn

  • 1 tub of sugar free Cool Whip

  • 1 box of sugar free pudding or jello

  • 8 oz of part-skim ricotta cheese or small curd cottage cheese if you prefer

  • Do NOT add sweetener due to what is in the jello/pudding mis already

  1. Blend your favorite sugar-free jello or pudding flavor into the ricotta cheese.

  2. Mix until well blended.

  3. Gently blend whipped topping into mix without killing the fluff of the topping.

  4. May also be used as a pie filling. Keep chilled or freeze for a different texture.

Nutritional Facts

80 cal per 1/4 cup
60 mg sodium
4 grams carb
1 gram sugar
5 grams protein

desserts dessert calcium vitamin d

30 replies

Grandmama16 2013-10-11 16:41:38 -0500 Report

I only had vanilla pudding so added unsweetened cocoa after adding cool whip. When stirring cot.cheese and pudding it gets very stiff so I used an elec.hand mixer. Then cool whip with wire whip.

Rmj814 2013-07-04 22:56:42 -0500 Report

5 Stars.. I've used this recipe for years, I worked in a kitchen for 26 years in a Nursing Home. The residents loved this "stuff" Try using Lime jello or cherry jello around the Christmas Holidays. Makes a nice side dish or a light dessert.

FLDawn 2011-06-22 15:17:28 -0500 Report

I did not get to move when planned but now it is set in stone for the middle of July. Once in my new kitchen i am going to work on SIMPLE and YUMMY foods for us. With a Chef as a Daughter I have help figuring out what works. The recipes are MY ideas though…she knows the dynamics of the chemistry end better though :-) Just like on here it is all about teamwork RIGHT?

FLDawn 2010-11-24 14:21:49 -0600 Report

The pink stuff sounds yummy but sounds a bit high in sugar for me although the nuts are good for us I know. I know what you use is still better than diving into chocolate cake LOL I have lost much of my taste for dessert but sometimes want something so plain and simple the way I do it works for me. I do love it as a kind of ice cream as well.

I will be moving early next year and when I settle I think I am going to work on making good and HEALTHY desserts for diabetics. My Daughter is an executive chef and if i succeed i am going to try to get them to put a few on the menu. She works where there are lots of seniors and unfortunately it seems many of us have diabetes now. Why can't we have dessert and good food without hurting ourselves? I don't see a reason why not and want to work on that. I am no pro but I WILL try and change the way we have to eat when we go out which right now is be bad or have nothing. Her cooking is already fresh and healthy for the most part but desserts…Momma will fix that if she can :)

dstlouis 2010-08-25 20:50:49 -0500 Report

My family has been making this for years. Our favorite is "Pink Stuff" uses raspberry Jello, cottage cheese, Cool Whip, plus a can of drained crushed pineapple, and 1 cup of frozen raspberries, and some crushed walnuts. Yum yum:-)

FLDawn 2010-06-12 16:36:24 -0500 Report

To my friends who like this recipe, I am happy you like it. I find that it takes the edge off of a need for a sweet taste. Any recipe I post is something you can fiddle with and make your own. I too use different flavors and even add drops of flavorings as well. You know how you can eat different Jellybelly beans and come up with different flavors? Well you can do that here as well :-) No one says that as diabetics we cannot have fun with our food and have it taste good :-)

FLDawn 2010-06-12 16:34:02 -0500 Report

My Dear Alene, if you use a larger size Cool Whip tub I would think you could figure out if you need to double the amount of pudding. We are real people here and do not have crystal balls to know you might get something larger. Personally I have not seen larger cool whips and I know just by looking that a large box of Jello would be too much dry ingredient for a regular size tub. If you want professional recipes I suggest you go out and purchase a special cookbook that suits your needs. You are the first to have issue with this

Alene Weed
Alene Weed 2010-06-12 09:35:31 -0500 Report

My Dear FLDawn, There certainly are different sizes of Cool whip tubs and Jello boxes! You need to include the sizes - number of ounces - in your recipes.

SuzyAttendorn 2009-12-10 15:23:44 -0600 Report

I absolutely love this! I keep switching the flavor of jello that I use. I tell everyone about it!
TY for sharing

SuzyAttendorn 2009-11-24 10:03:45 -0600 Report

this is awesome! I have use different flavors of sugar free jello. Another recipe that is good for me, yet m,y husband thinks is great!

FLDawn 2009-11-05 09:00:59 -0600 Report

Hi, I was not aware there was more than one size tub? I just buy a normal tub. I also buy generic store brands and try to buy sugar free if they have it. If they don't I buy fat free. Check the sugar content on the back. Most of them are low in sugar. Sorry but I cook Italian style and though I try to break down my made-up recipes it may not always come across right. I am a pinch of this or until it looks right or feels right kind of cook LOL

cathyfromyokohama 2009-10-29 17:02:57 -0500 Report

Thanks for the fluff. I have already been to wal mart today but I am on my way back. I will try the cheese cake pudding. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks CAthy A

FLDawn 2009-09-26 21:07:20 -0500 Report

Update: I found an awesome pudding flavor if you like cheesecake. It is CHEESECAKE! mmmmm I also tried a white chocolate and folded in some raspberries. When I crave a sweet this is what I have now. You could even do the cheesecake one and put a graham cracker or two under it but I skip it because it is yummy anyway.