stuffed tomatoes

By mamaoak

  • 3 oz ground beef or turkey or chicken

  • 2 hot house tomatoes

  • 1/3 cup of breadcrumbs from your bread (make sure it is stale. I put it in a paper bag for a coupe of days then put in blender.)

  • 1 /3 cup of egg beaters or 1 egg

  1. wash tomatoes then cut the top off spoon out the in side leave some on the sides so they can sit up right. set a side in a bowl cook your meat drain of excess fat. put in the scoop out tomatoes that you set a side add bread crumbs and egg pepper and salt to your taste i use a pinch of salt. and a dash of garlic. fill tomatoes with mixture bake at 350 for 15 or 20 min until tomato is soft.

Nutritional Facts

21 carbs using hollywood 35 calorie bread crumbs 21protien 3 gm fat 260 calories.

dinner tomatoes beef turkey chicken eggs egg substitute chicken/poultry carbs under 30g

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Celia - 38478
Celia - 38478 2009-09-01 18:42:50 -0500 Report

I said I love stuffed tomatoes. I do. I tried your recipe and it was good. Thanks. Ilike tomates stuffed with chicken or tuna salad. they are good stuffed wirh everything for a taco or burrito. Your recipe was good.

Avera 2009-08-27 00:11:02 -0500 Report

An excellent recipe to have for this time of year. All the gardens down South where I live are bursting with tomatoes. This is a great way to use them.