EGYPTION - Eggplant "Masaka"

By ali eletre

  • Ingredients

  • 1. Two Large black eggplant.

  • 2. One large green pepper.

  • 3. Half garlic Peeled and crushed.

  • 4. Salt and pepper.

  • 5. One large can tomato paste.

  • 6. A lot of olive oil.

  • 7. Three cups of water.

  • 8. Beef Soup or 2 packages of Instant broth & Seasoning "Beef Flavor".

  1. Procedure

  2. Step 1: (Prepare the Eggplant)

  3. Wash eggplant and green pepper.

  4. Peel eggplant. Cut eggplant into circles. Cut large circles into half.

  5. Place the eggplant in a dish covered with salted water for about 2 hours.

  6. Set aside.

  7. This will make the eggplant absorb less oil when you fry it.

  8. Step 2: (Sauté Garlic)

  9. Sauté garlic in Olive oil.

  10. Set aside.

  11. Step 3: (Soup, Tomato Paste)

  12. In a big pot, add soup, if no soup mix the 2 packages of Instant broth & Seasoning "Beef Flavor" with the three cups of water.

  13. Add tomato paste into the pot.

  14. Add the garlic into the pot and mix well.

  15. Cook on very low for 15 minutes, and continue mixing it. Watch it or it may burn.

  16. Step 4: (Fry the Eggplant and the Pepper)

  17. Before frying, remove the eggplant from the salted water.

  18. Drain the eggplant.

  19. Cut green pepper into slices, throw out seeds.

  20. Rewash the pepper.

  21. Preheat the olive oil in frying pan.

  22. Cook eggplant until brown. Then, turn and cook until both sides are brown.

  23. When eggplant is done, cook the pepper in the olive oil until soft.

  24. Step 5: (Bake the Eggplant and the Pepper)

  25. In an oven casserole dish, add the eggplant and pepper to the tomato mixture and cover.

  26. Sprinkle salt and pepper.

  27. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes 350 degree.

  28. It can be eaten hot or cold. It tastes better to heat it before you eat it with rice or with Pita Bread, and tomato and cucumber salad.

  29. ________________________________________

Nutritional Facts


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3 replies

ali eletre
ali eletre 2009-06-26 10:21:15 -0500 Report

Hi I am glad that you like it and its the same if you leave the skin because its take some of the oil when you boil it before cooking .. and its ok if you dont use any meet in the recipe it will be the same thanks

apanda 2009-06-19 17:10:44 -0500 Report

I made this and the flavor was wonderful. I cut my eggplant on a mandoline so that I had very thin slices and I left the skin on. My only substitution was using a good veggies stock in place of the beef stock as I am vegetarian. It was delicious and I will be making it again. Thanks for the recipe Ali.

apanda 2009-06-13 10:32:21 -0500 Report

I love eggplant and peppers. This sounds simple and delicious! Thank you for posting this recipe.