Peanut Butter Balls

By Gabby

Peanut Butter Balls
  • 16 oz. Natural Peanut Butter (use the oil too)

  • 1 3/4 C Vanilla Flavored Whey Protine Poweder

  • 2 t Ground Cinnamon

  • Sweetener of your choice (optional)

  • Suggested Coatings:

  • Cinnamon Splenda

  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder w/ Splenda

  • Toasted Unsweetened Coconut

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds

  • Toasted Wheat Germ

  1. If you want to sweeten the mix, add your sweetener to the whey and sift it together prior to mixing it with the peanut butter.

  2. In a medium bowl combine peanut butter and whey. I do this by hand (wash the paws first) and I add a little of the whey at a time, as it can be quite difficult to mix at first.

  3. It should become a crumbly mixture that sticks together when mashed.

  4. (If you find it won't form a ball, add a Tablespoon of processed peanut butter to the mix.)

  5. Form and place all your balls on a sheet of wax paper. Then roll them in the coating of your choice or just eat them naked!

  6. These are great for a night time snack. You can't just pop them, you have to take time to enjoy them. They can be a little dry, so get your glass of soy milk handy and you are good to go.

Nutritional Facts

50 one inch balls
Each Serving (1 ball) contains
3g Carbohydrate
10g Protein
Trace of fiber
(This only accounts for the ball
any coatings you might add are not included)

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