Sour Cream Chicken Casserole

By Bill Barnes

  • Whole cut up chicken

  • medium sour cream

  • large cream of mushroom

  • regular cream of chicken

  • broth from chicken

  • bag of flat noodles

  • one onion

  • mexican chopped cheese

  1. Boil chicken in pot until cooked about an hour or so.

  2. take chicken off of bones

  3. mix sour cream,cream of chicken and cream of mushroom together. Add a chopped up onion

  4. cook noodles about half way

  5. pour water from noodles

  6. put warmed up sauce over noodles and mix

  7. put this over the chicken that is in the casserole dish

  8. sprinkle cheese over this

  9. cook in 350 degree oven(foil on top)for about thirty minutes to 45 minutes

  10. serve with salid

Nutritional Facts


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