Can't-Get-Any-Easier Ice Cream

By Avera

  • 1 can of Redi-Whip…

  • That's it!

  1. Take the Redi-Whip and shake. Open it and spray in a round, freezer proof container. Spray in a circular motion, filling in the center last. Put top on and place in freezer. Wait 2-4 hours and you have a soft serve that tastes just like vanilla ice cream! You can use low carb candy and stir it in or sprinkle on top for a tasty alternative. My fave—-melt low carb peanut butter and drizzle on top. Yum-o!

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Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-04-12 17:07:43 -0500 Report

Done this and I really do enjoy this. There now is a Redi-Whip that is fat free. You also can do this with fat-free, sugar free cool whip…Debe