Diabetes and Relationships

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dLife asks the question, "How do you deal with your diabetes and relationships?" http://www.dlife.com

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well i can speak from experiance i've been in almost all these stages that everyon just talked about on i've been married 17 years in june but this dease has taken a serious toll on my marrige as well as ny 16 year old son i've been a diabetic for over 23 years but i was miss diagnost for 10 years i didn't find out i was a biabetic until i was 24 and already then i had problems it started with me going from a 185lbs to 140lbs in less than 3 weeks from highschool grad day to day 1 of college i lost anoth 20 lbs that yearthen the next yea i developed cateract this is at 19 mind you so alot of damage had already been done theb back in 2002 i dveloped a 90% blockage in my aeorta all this time my wife and son have been my rocks and were one of the few reasons to keep going 2 years latter i just moved into a beautiful home yet modist home well with in our means we were just set to live therethe rest of our lives you know then 6mth in i ended up having my right great toe removed even then we all smiled and joked amout ityou know trying to stay passitive this year hit we have lived her 5 years in september i lisit my job and was denied unemployment but shortly after lossing my job our insurence ran out it was the first time in 1 years i wasnt working or have insurance to fall back on i had great insurance back then they payed for every thingthen my wife got insurance through he work which really suck because they charged so much and payed for very little around november i was out of almost all my meds and believe me there alot almost 500 + a month but then in dec i got really sick i developed a very bad cist i'ld had then before but this own was way different they ended removing 10lbs of damaged tissue and i had broken my right leg from just below the kneethen with all the dr.s visit and p.t. our flex spending ran out about a month ago and now for the first time in 17 years i can't smile no matter how hard i try because now it's pay the utilateys and get food or pay my med exp. or pat the mortgagemy wife and i fight constantly an mt son along with being an average teenager he worries non stop which with lossing our house i feel like i'm lossing my wife and son with no way out sorry this went on so long but i had to vent to some one thanks for listening

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