What Is An A1C?

From Amy Tenderich 2009-09-30 18:35:00 -0500 18 Comments

Learn more about the blood test that assesses your three month blood glucose average and why it is important. For more answers to tons of diabetes questions visit www.dLife.com.

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18 replies

camellips 2010-09-02 10:37:05 -0500 Report

I get so confused with my readings.. What level should I be at? I work night shift,too…I want to do the right thing for myself..My doctor isn't giving me right answers..To make me feel more comfortable with myself…

MAYS 2010-03-16 11:41:33 -0500 Report

Thank you Amy for noticing and responding.
I took the liberty of downloading your video from youtube and uploading it here (DC) so that all could see the importance of testing to help maintain a healthy and productive life while living with diabetes.

jigsaw 2010-02-01 15:43:14 -0600 Report

Hopefully all diabetics stay on top of their a1c! This is an excellent video and should answer any questions one might have on the subject.

Lin M.
Lin M. 2009-10-11 07:43:38 -0500 Report

I didn't know about the different results from different labs. That's very interesting.

Donelle 2009-10-10 15:12:24 -0500 Report

This video is a clear and informative tool that has helped me understand the purpose of this test and its value. I never understood the value of it and I do now.Guess I better get another test done,

Blue Moon
Blue Moon 2009-09-30 20:11:27 -0500 Report

Answers questions one may have about what the test actually measures and what the American Diabetes Association recommends.

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