Reverse Type Two Diabetes With a Vegan Diet

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Type Two Diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke in this country and being diagnosed can feel like a life-sentence. But a Houston cardiologist says you can reverse Type Two Diabetes and heart disease if you're willing to make some healthy changes.

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Bonechee 2015-12-08 00:47:17 -0600 Report

I cant exercise the way I used to…I was at one time, VERY athletic…but because of the types of jobs I've had, genetics, and bone and other health problems, keep me from walking very far, lifting anything over 5 pounds more than a few times, or just sitting for more than 15 20 minutes. I hate being over weight and this is the third time I've been over 200. I was overweight at 18, lost it fast, stayed at 125-127 for years, then again at 31, lost that in a few months, diet and exercise, kept that weight off and stayed at 135-140 until about 3 years ago and this time, It isn't so easy, because I cant exercise…I found a book in my 30's called 5 Day Miracle Diet…lent it out, never got it back…I finally found it on amazon a few weeks ago, got it a few days ago and the reason I am mentioning this book is because it worked for me right away…It's a book about sensible eating, light exercise, health problems and fixes and I am going to start using the advice Adele Puhn shares, because I KNOW it works…it will work for male or female…the first time I used her guide I learned how to eat, what to eat and when to eat…I was never hungry and quit craving whatever it was I craved at that time…I KNOW it works, even with the least amount of exercise because I lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks…It's called the 5 Day Miracle Diet, because she just wanted to give people the tools to try it just for those 5 days…she swore those who used it and followed her advice would 'feel good within 3 days', and if they didn't she would buy the book back… and that was why I decided to try it…I was so tired and couldn't fix it even with the drugs from the drs, so I thought WTH…and LO and BEHOLD. IN EXACTLY 3 DAYS, I FELT better than I had in years…I stayed on it until I lost the other 20 lbs and I have sworn by her book ever since. the first time I bought the book it cost me 27.00, last week on amazon, I bought the same book, hard cover and all for .01. shipping was 3.99. It was used, but to my surprise it only had 5 small check marks next the a list the lady who owned it before me was interested in…I WOULD DEFINITLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANYONE. THIS TIME I AM USING THE TOOLS AND FOLLOWING HER EATING ADVICE TO GET BACK INTO GOOD SUGAR LEVEL, and I know while I am doing that I will also lose the weight with minimum effort…please check out any excerpts from this book to see if you might be interested and I believe you as well, will agree it is one book worth it's weight in gold…it's going to be my health bible from here on out…am thinking of posting my progress. start to finish…I need to lose LOTS of weight this time, but I will start with 10 pound increments, so's not to get discouraged or overwhelmed. would that be too gross or arrogant posting my progress from 200+ to where I want to be? it may take a year, but I doubt it…would once a month be about appropriate? I don't know ive never done this before…I would appreciate any feedback on it and that way I wont feel like a fool, be honest please…thank you if you read this all the way thru…P.S. if you are one of me who has used the book in the past, please share your experience and reasons behind your curiosity for trying the 5 Day Miracle Diet, by Adele Puhn.

WildNana 2013-11-18 18:16:50 -0600 Report

I do love my veggies and fruit. People used to make fun of me when I ate raw corn on the cob, raw broccoli, cauliflower, squash but I liked it. I was just a kid and all those veggie platters hadn't been discovered yet. I do love my ham and my meatloaf and chicken. I think it would be most difficult to stop but I think I will research about plant based diet so that I will be sure I am eating the right way. My husband and I have cut out meat once a week and we seem to do okay but I'm not sure about milk and cheese??? Would I also have to give up yogurt?

toodles 2009-08-16 01:28:22 -0500 Report

This was very informative and I was impressed with the outcome that the meatless eating had on the doctors patients.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon 2009-08-12 20:59:00 -0500 Report

I have noticed a change for me when I don't eat red meat. I like vegtables, but I don't know about eating as much as they are suggesting. I'm willing to do more research on this and try to see if things get better. Something to consider.

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