Tips to Help Beat Diabetes Burnout - #16

From John Crowley 2013-04-04 16:21:21 -0500 4 Comments

" - Well, go figure, diabetes is exhausting! Here are a few tips to get from ""burnt out"" to ""re-inspired!""

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4 replies 2016-08-23 09:50:15 -0500 Report

I been diagnosed with typed 2 diabetic about 6 years ago I started out with pills but then the pills was not working so now I'm on Insulin I'm on 2 of them.

MJBJ 2016-06-01 10:34:41 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for that real talk. I just got diagnosed with type 2 this year and already have experienced burnout. Thankfully, I am only on oral meds because taking insulin would really be hard to give myself. The good news is I am down 12 pounds since Feb 2016 and have 12 more to go which should help my situation.

Thanks and keep encouraging ppl.


BrownSweetness 2015-02-25 17:03:23 -0600 Report

I like that you shared that because, I get like that sometimes and needed not to feel alone and what to do about it! Thank you!

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