What Can Be Done to Treat Pain and Numbness in Diabetics?

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Learn about diabetic neuropathy pain symptoms and treatment. MDs answer your diabetes questions.

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Chopstix 2014-09-03 14:55:14 -0500 Report

I was first diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic in 2005 and prescribed Lisinopril, Lipitor, Glucophage, and DiaBeta. Three days after I started taking them my feet started hurting and I was 20 minutes walk from the house. I figured it had to be one of the meds and stopped taking them until my feet stopped hurting. One by one I started back to taking them paying close attention to how my feet felt. After three days of taking Glucophage and my feet felt OK I started back to taking Lisinopril and didn't have any problems. After three days of Lisinopril, Glucophage I started back to taking Lipitor. Guess what? The same effect! Well, it looks like the DiaBeta was causing my feet to hurt and I then informed the idiot who prescribed them. The reason I called that doctor an idiot is because he told me that unloading a fifty three feet trailer by hand was not exercise. Then why do I always end up hot, tired, sweaty and thirsty afterward? Colgate usually weighs 40,000-45,000 lbs, beer 46,000 lbs, jeans 20-23,000 lbs. When delivering to a grocery warehouse if you don't want to unload then you have to pay them to have their people(lumpers) to unload it . When unloading you will also have to brake down the pallets. And I bet you thought truck driving was just going from point A to point B? I did that a lot of times after I had driven all night to get it there…

LisoSa 2011-11-26 19:34:59 -0600 Report

B6 has worked for my mom. It has tremendously reduced the numbness and she hardly ever complains of this any more.

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