Rage Bolus (Extended)

From BarryE 2008-07-15 12:35:55 -0500 3 Comments

This film explores the relationship between society and the afflicted.
A man with diabetes has trouble coping with people's reactions to his disease. Witness his breaking point and follow him as he tries to fix the situation and himself.

Starring: Nate Phillipps, Libby Flanagan, Ben Stinsman, Kyle Pickens, and Andrew Wagnon
Written and Directed By: Nate Phillipps
Original Music Composed By: Brian Reed
End Credit Music By: Galt Aureus (more)

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GabbyPA 2008-07-27 13:32:34 -0500 Report

This is a very sad statement on how we as people generalize any mality or condition...it is up to us to educate those we love and care about, even ourselves. I have been an advocate for my husband as he faces daily the discrimination from his wheelchair. I have to get in people's faces sometimes to confront their inconsiderate ways. Even doctors, I have to do their work for them to get them to pay attention to his needs. He is in a chair, something people can see. It is so much harder for things that are not seen to be understood.

BthMag 2008-07-20 07:05:34 -0500 Report

Know how this man felt. Friends and family do not understand and think they should be edcated to> People are always asking me if I am alright all the time and it can be frustrated, not to be taken serious and always defined by the disease

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