DiabeticRadio - Episode 16 - Where Your Blood Sugar Should Be?

From Yogirajj 2010-08-01 20:11:06 -0500 59 Comments

In this Episode, I talk about the various things that can effect your blood sugars.

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59 replies

JSJB 2012-01-02 17:45:51 -0600 Report

Learned something today. Very Helpful, will continue to listen to diebetic radio

babyg-pink 2011-07-31 09:08:37 -0500 Report

hello, again, i just can not get enough, question, I am also bi-polar, how does this effect my diabeties as well? any advice surely appreciative.Thanks!

babyg-pink 2011-07-31 09:04:28 -0500 Report

I just recently found out that i am type 2 diabetic. Right now we are just monoriting it by diet and exercize. I normaly do not eat all day untill dinner around 6 pm, and then snack all evening, embarrasing , but true, any tips,…gratly appreciated.

sherelann 2011-07-30 23:59:53 -0500 Report

I learned more on this video than I ever did in any of my class that I have taken . Thankyou

Ocean's Breeze
Ocean's Breeze 2011-07-30 20:39:19 -0500 Report

I have depression anyway but diabetes doesn't help. I have gone a couple of years ignoring my DM but I'm trying now to come to terms with it and learning all I can. The reason I've gotten to this point is the fact that I haven't been feeling good—when my sugars are up. So I've started paying more attention to what I can eat so my sugars stay better in range. I'm trying to exercise more which not only helps with blood sugar but also with depression. I have my BIG goals but I have also broken down these goals into "small steps". I can also find it hard to keep working on my "small steps". Depression can ruin everything.

MadManBro 2011-07-30 18:45:05 -0500 Report

Timing is everything. I really benefitted from the specific information I got in this episode. Well done!

Diaschm 2011-07-27 00:35:16 -0500 Report

always enjoy your diabetes info. Sometimes I listen to this one over again to review where I should be. Thank you for the info and your work to help us all.

Mistyblue884 2011-07-14 17:12:04 -0500 Report

Thank you again Yogirajj, I just found more of your videos. I really like and benefit from the information that you give in your videos. You explain things that even my docor doesnt, which he doesnt much at all. I was so frightened when I first learned I had diabeties, I didnt know how to prepare meals. Thank goodness ,my youngest daughter had knowledge of preparing meals, when she had seconadary diabeties.
And from searching for information on it, I am learning so much more. Now to find how to keep my sugar level down when I have to take predisone for when i get any lung infextions, which my lung doctor puts me on it plus antibotics. The predisone spikes my sugar into high level, I been trying to just not take in as many carbs when I have to take it, but I dont know if thats the right way or not.
Am going to search for more of your videos. Keeo them coming, you seem to always give so much good information.

Diaschm 2011-07-12 16:57:48 -0500 Report

I always find his videos informative. I really get alot of info that I have to remind myself that I have to think about my amount of exercise that I am doing each day and at what time so my sugar level will change because of it. He always gives good advise!

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