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Finding the right diabetes treatment for you can be difficult. This section is packed with research, information and reviews on the most common diabetes treatments, including oral medications, insulin, alternative treatments, diabetes diet plans and more. Read first-hand reviews from other people with diabetes about treatment side effects and benefits, and learn more about the latest diabetes treatment research.

Latest Diabetes Treatment Reviews



Pros: Helps take the edge off the Neuropothy pain.

Cons: Must watch the side effects. Swelling occurs in some people.

Overall: While this medication worked at first it has stopped working for me.

By Diabetes Force

Insulin Glargine


Pros: Effective in leveling out my blood sugars throughout the day.

Cons: Must eat a bedtime snack so that my blood sugar does not drop in the 3-4a.m. time frame.

Overall: Still a very good treatment for lowering blood sugar.

By Diabetes Force