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Finding the right diabetes treatment for you can be difficult. This section is packed with research, information and reviews on the most common diabetes treatments, including oral medications, insulin, alternative treatments, diabetes diet plans and more. Read first-hand reviews from other people with diabetes about treatment side effects and benefits, and learn more about the latest diabetes treatment research.

Latest Diabetes Treatment Reviews

Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Meter

Reliable blood glucose meter

Pros: Very accurate, simple to use, has many features, trusted brand

Cons: Expensive

Overall: The Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Blood Glucose Meter Kit is a great reliable meter if you don't mind spending almost 3 times the average price of a meter. I bought my blood glucose meter at https://www.diabeticwarehouse.org.

By Anonymous

MiniMed Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump

Insulin Pump

Pros: While wearing this device I was able to control my blood sugars better than the shots I am currently giving. This device gave me flexibility in my meal times and allowed me to gain some weight back that I had loss due to my diabetes.

Cons: Had a few low blood sugars due to wearing this device.

Overall: My quality of life was better when I was wearing this device.

By Diabetes Force