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Metformin, Actos, and Avandia are just a few of the most common diabetes medications prescribed. Find out what others are saying about their diabetes medications and discuss medication side effects with members of the diabetes medication forum—and, of course, your doctor.

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Not sure if truly effective...

Pros: It hasn't made a difference to me.

Cons: Not sure how it really works in combination to my Actos and Metformin XR AND insulin treatment...

Overall: Have been on Januvia 3 different times in the last 5 years - I feel it does not help in my meds cocktail. My older cousin was on it for 2 year sand felt the same way.

By Anonymous


Works for me

Pros: No side effects

Cons: none

Overall: I have been taking metformin for 10 yr. and have not had any problems. I was taking glyburide with it but my BS was getting too low so Dr. took me off. I now have good numbers and feel better.

By Ralph