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Metformin, Actos, and Avandia are just a few of the most common diabetes medications prescribed. Find out what others are saying about their diabetes medications and discuss medication side effects with members of the diabetes medication forum—and, of course, your doctor.

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Pros: 1. helps control bs readings some 2. less expensive treatment

Cons: 1. Constant diarrhea 2. Constant Nausea 3. Constant bloating

Overall: I took it for months. It worked at first but after about 5 weeks I had to have a bowel movement about every 30 minutes. When I was not in the restroom, I was nausea and bloating. I could not eat so it did not allow anything food in my system causing lower readings. It interfered with everything I tried to do.

By frog1951



Pros: Taking 500 mg. twice daily

Cons: none

Overall: It's not bad, I'm finding my sugar levels are lower than 135. I check my levels 4 times per day.

By Debbie429