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Metformin, Actos, and Avandia are just a few of the most common diabetes medications prescribed. Find out what others are saying about their diabetes medications and discuss medication side effects with members of the diabetes medication forum—and, of course, your doctor.

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Works for me!

Pros: No bad reactions and keeps my BS down.

Cons: none

Overall: I've been on Metformin for a very long time. Don't remember the first dosage, but I know the Dr. upped me to 1000mg twice a day and kept me on that for several years. He finally added insulin for about 2 yrs. Finally he reduced the Metformin to 500mg twice a day, and kept me on insulin. My numbers are under control.

By fancyfree


Still Trying To Ajust

Cons: It makes you go to the bathroom ALOT

By saved not perfect