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Metformin, Actos, and Avandia are just a few of the most common diabetes medications prescribed. Find out what others are saying about their diabetes medications and discuss medication side effects with members of the diabetes medication forum—and, of course, your doctor.

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No adverse affects

Pros: Low cost Its Free! at Publix pharmacy

Cons: Large pill hard to swallow. Hoping for a sugar free gummy version someday.

Overall: I have been diabetic for over 8 yrs. now and I have been taking metformin for about 6 yrs. now no noticeable side effects my AIC is always in the 6 to 7 range .

By Carbwatcher


Not a cure all

Pros: Little or no low blood sugar episodes as long as you eat right

Cons: Even when numbers are constantly under control; nothing stops complications; I do NOT believe any med or diet will do that

Overall: Good; except for the inevitable complications of long term type II

By lorider70