Brand Names: Invokana

Canagliflozin is a once-daily, SGLT2-inhibitor oral medication that has been shown in clinical trials to reduce HbA1c as well as secondary effects of reducing body weight and lowering systolic blood pressure. The medication reduces the amount of glucose that is reabsorbed by the kidneys back into the body and allows some glucose to go out through the process of urination. Canagliflozin can be used alone or with other diabetes medications including metformin, metformin and a sulfonylurea, or insulin.

Dehydration, vaginal yeast infection, and penile yeast infection.

Community Rating: 3.6

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Canagliflozin Reviews

love it! works for me

Pros: l take it with metformin,glimepride. and it really works...but you must work with it....l've lost 5 lbs and it stops the sugar craving that was making me crazy.... l've on it 3 weeks and my glucose levels are finally going down,,,the numbness in my finger tips is not as bad....

Cons: no cons as of now....l hope to stop taking metformin & glimepride and just take one pill for my type2 diabetes..l wonder of metformin stopped working for me(just a thought in my mine)

Overall: l needed something to stop the sugar craving...l love icecream ,cereal,..both loaded with with invokana..somehow the craving isn't as as l work ..lost 5 lbs!,,yahoo!

By geanniB
did nothing for me

Cons: did absolutely nothing except drain my wallet

By frog1951
New treatment

Pros: Tolerable Efficacy Covered

Cons: N/A

Overall: I like this as new treatment, have seen improvement

By Anonymous