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Metformin, Actos, and Avandia are just a few of the most common diabetes medications prescribed. Find out what others are saying about their diabetes medications and discuss medication side effects with members of the diabetes medication forum—and, of course, your doctor.

Oral Medications Ratings

Latest Diabetic Oral Medications Reviews


Works for some. Beware of side effects.

Pros: One of the older "standard" (and available generically) diabetes drugs; inexpensive.

Cons: Side effects.

Overall: The Other Half experienced severe leg cramps from this medication when the doctor upped the dose. (I was surprised to find "leg cramps" among the common adverse effects for this drug.) His dose was dialed back and an injectable drug added in to his regimen.

By tmana


Glipizide and Onglyza

Pros: I am on both of these. When my sugar is higher then the range the doc wants it in he has me take a glipizide to bring it down. Onglyza is easier on the Kidneys.

Cons: Glipizide is a short acting Having to take any of it.

Overall: I have been in kidney failure once due to the diabetes, blood pressure, and my Crohn's Disease because I was so dehydrated and yet I was swelled from all the pressure that the diabetes and blood pressure had put on me.

By azmumm