Insulin Pumps

An insulin pump offers an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin for people with diabetes. An insulin pump is a medical device that delivers insulin subcutaneously through a disposable infusion set and canula. Read reviews of insulin pumps from real diabetes patients. Learn which features are most valued.

Latest Diabetic Insulin Pumps Reviews

T-Slim Insulin Pump

Great product, great support, and VASTLY improved A1c

Pros: Highly flexible dosing, Touchscreen interface means no scrolling, durable, rechargeable, and top-notch US-based support. The micro-dosing gives me better insulin absorption and more precision with delivery.

Cons: Cartridge fill process and priming could be faster

Overall: I LOVE THIS PUMP. I had issues with the initial style of infusion sets I tried with it (kinked cannulas), but the trainer/educator from Tandem provided me with samples of other styles to replace the ones that failed, and the company was happy to exchange all of my unused sets once I decided on a new style. Support has been top-notch- even for issues as minor as the clip breaking off the case, I had a replacement within 24 hours at no cost and with no hassles. Best of all, my A1c has gone from an 8.4% to a 6.8. I'm up to 6 basal profiles which I switch among depending on weekend/weekday, activity level, and season, and I finally feel like my treatment can keep up with my body's constantly-changing insulin needs.

By gwsuperfan

MiniMed Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump

Products listed are not most recent models available

Pros: The information here is several years out of day (as of April 2016). Although Medtronic still sells the 523 and 723 Minimed Paradigm pumps, Medtronic introduced a newer pump, the 530G with Enlite CGM over a year ago...maybe even 2 years ago. It was the first insulin pump integrated with a CGM, as well as advanced software algorithms that enable Threshhold Suspend, which automatically stops insulin delivery temporarily when sensor (CGM) glucose levels reach a preset low level. Other manufacturers also may have newer models.

Overall: I have used the Medtronic 523 Minimed Paradigm pump since 2011. In 2015, I did not upgrade to the 530G with Enlite because Medicare will not cover the Enlite CGM portion of it and, without the CGM, there is no benefit to the upgrade. If I had CGM coverage, I would upgrade my pump to the 530G with Enlite.

By Type1Lou