ReliOn Prime Meter

Brand Names: ReliOn (Walmart)

ReliOn Prime has a 7 second test time. No coding is required and the Relion Prime has the compatibility to be downloaded to your computer. This meter as 7,14, and 30 day averages with the ability to store 250 tests with time and date stamp.

Community Rating: 4.2

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ReliOn Prime Meter Reviews


Pros: The ReliOn Prime Meter is a good deal because the price is cheaper.

Cons: none

Overall: My experience is good

By Anonymous
Generic meter for a reason

Pros: Inexpensive strips, one of the least expensive meters around. Ideal backup meter.

Cons: VERY difficult to insert the strips into the strangely positioned and small slot. Accucheck, Freestyle meter this is NOT. No lancet gun or strips come with the meter itself. Such so called "accessories" must be bought separately. If you don't have them whether this is your first meter, or you lost/broke the old one(s), their lack adds to the cost meaningfully.

Overall: Two stars solely because fo the price. A fine back-up meter for the glove compartment, or to add to the pile of the ones you store in the closet when your insurance company changes their minds about the newest/latest machine they WILL randomly choose to pay for this year. It's a meaningful problem to NOT have a lancet gun, for most people. You only need a single lancet to do the "job", but some will balk at getting blood "by hand". (Unintended pun really...). It should be included.

By Stuart1966
Very good meter

Pros: A good meter and inexpensive. The test strips are very affordable and easy to find. I've been using this meter for over a year and find it easy to use.

Cons: The navigation is somewhat confusing but with persistance , can be figured out. If that were easier I would have given it 5 stars.

Overall: My over all experience with this meter has been good.

By fancyfree

Pros: Easy to use even without reading the manual. There is also a 17 minute video on YouTube on how to use and set it up. It reads 7mg/dL less than my Freestyle meter. Comes in red or blue. The numbers are easy read and the price is right($9 for 50) for the strips. You will have to call Customer Service to get a bottle of control solution sent but you will know it is fresh instead of sitting on a shelf for who knows how long.

Cons: Could be a little bit larger for guy hands. If you don't already have a lancing device you will need to buy one.

Overall: If I have to buy another meter it will be another one of these as this is my second ReliOn meter. The other one was a Confirm which I never got back after becoming ill while on the road.

By Chopstix
good value for the money

Pros: inexpensive meter, easy to use, 14 or 30 average readings

Cons: none yet

By twinsfan51106
Inexpensive for those who need to test quite often!

Pros: Cheap accesories, Little blood needed, Easy to use and read with Large display, 14 Day and 30 Day averages

Cons: Not very easy to navigate, some what confusing even with the instructions close at hand, had 1 or 2 off readings in the few weeks I have been using it

Overall: Good! I find it a helpful and reliable tool for monitoring my blood sugar and giving myself the correct dose of insulin. Affordable, you can buy 100 test strips for under 25 dollars!

By Cat Weaver