ReliOn Confirm Meter

Brand Names: ReliOn (Walmart)

ReliOn Confirm is the newest blood glucose system from ReliOn. ReliOn Confirm is a no coding meter. Other features include a 360 test memory, time and date-stamp, 14 and 30-day averaging, downloading capability and an ultra-slim design. ReliOn Confirm has a newly designed, easy to use lancing device that features five depth settings for less painful testing.

Community Rating: 4.2

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ReliOn Confirm Meter Reviews

ReliOn Confirm Micro

Pros: Easy to use. Accurate readings. Very portable

Cons: Hard to find previous readings

Overall: I am using the ReliOn Confirm Micro now and pretty much like it.

By BreC

Pros: Easy to use and can get strips off the shelf at 3 in the morning at most Wal*Marts. I guess blue ones are for boys and the pink ones are for girls.;-)

Cons: The meter reads 30mg/dl higher than my old Prestige meter. But evey "no code" meter I've tried reads higher than the Prestige. Some as high as 56mg/dl. I had one doctor tell me to keep using it and leave the new ones alone. But the problem is I can't find test strips for the Prestige any more...

By Chopstix