FreeStyle Lite Meter

Brand Names: Abbott Diabetes

The FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter is small and discreet. The FreeStyle Lite system allows you to manage your blood glucose by offering features such as no coding, a small blood sample size, a backlight and a test strip port light. The FreeStyle Lite glucose meter also allows alternate site testing. This glucose meter only uses Freestyle Lite test strips, which can be too small for some users to handle. The company also offers free data management software, called Co-Pilot, to help you download and track your glucose test results. As with most meters, the data cable is sold separately.

Community Rating: 4.0

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FreeStyle Lite Meter Reviews

its the best little meter

Pros: fits in my perse did not coast a lot works great easy to use.

Cons: can not think of any

Overall: love it


Pros: Easy to use (once I figured out WHERE to put the blood on the test strip), uses a TINY amount of blood, great tracker log comes with it.

Cons: On my SECOND meter in a month. The first one (while all of the functions SEEMED to be working fine) just stopped accepting blood. I tested the strips on another meter (luckily I had a backup) and they were fine. If I had to BUY another meter, I would NOT buy this one... but my insurance ONLY covers strips for THIS meter.

Overall: My favorite meter is the Bayer Contour. This one is okay, but I really wouldn't recommend it because of my experience with it.

By BrendaMarie68
Test strips and soft ware

Pros: I bought a CD and cable from ABBOTT co. and have used it for a long time, it will record what date month you place in it and you can print out your result and take to your Dr. My old meter Freestyle read glucose sugars in normal to high range.

Cons: My new meter is more confusing because it reads in A1C range, co pilot has also changed but still has grafts to use. I don't know how to convert the number back to sugar levels as it was. I have the freestyle lite model now.

Overall: Over all I will stay with Freestyle as other company's or Pharmacy's have tried to switch me to new talking meters,I don't need talk I see the numbers and the strips are fine also the lance poker is comfortable to use.