Breeze2 Meter

Brand Names: Bayer

With one easy-to-load Breeze2 10-test disc, you load once and you're good for 10 tests. The 10-test disc is particularly helpful for older users who have trouble with dexterity. No coding is required, and alternate site testing is available. It can save up to 420 tests in the memory. This meter has a 5 second test time. Like most other major glucose meter manufacturers, the company has free data management software, called GlucoFacts Deluxe. The data cable is sold separately.

Community Rating: 4.0

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Breeze2 Meter Reviews

Wish I could keep using

Pros: Easy to use, tiny bit of blood needed, can resample if not enough blood which helps keep from wasting test strips

Cons: Insurance won't cover the test strips and they cost too much for out of pocket

Overall: I would definitely recommend

By Zawaza
By Zawaza
Easy to Use

Pros: This is the first meter I was prescribed. I love the 10-disc system, the load once and done. However, I don't know how accurate it is. I've heard both arguments. I like the way you can get an average reading over 30 days. When I registered it, I qualified for free lancets or 2 other items I can't remember. Then they offered a free upgrade to the Contour meter, supposedly more accurate. I did take them up on their offer but haven't used it yet. I don't know if it's going to be easy to use separate strips. I need to compare both.

Cons: On the Breeze2, none.

Overall: Good so far.

By micsha