ContourUSB Meter

Brand Names: Bayer

Bayer's Contour USB blood glucose monitoring system has several features to reduce many of the causes of inaccurate blood glucose readings. Bayer has developed No Coding technology, which ensures that the correct code is automatically set any time a new test strip is inserted and eliminates inaccurate results due to miscoding. The meter can be plugged into any USB port on your computer to download the testing data to the monitoring software. When you plug the Contour USB into your computer's USB port it recharges the battery. Optional wall charger is also available. This meter takes 5 seconds to test. It can store up to 2,000 tests and allows for alternate site testing. The meter uses the Bayer Contour Test Strips.

Community Rating: 4.0

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ContourUSB Meter Reviews

love my contour usb

Pros: small,can keep track of test, easy to use,fast

Cons: cost of strips, software is sometime hard to update bayer is great at send me log books

Overall: love this meter i have had mine for almost 2 years now but i also wonder what the contour next usb is like as i have seen them in my drug store

By shellyj
The best I have used so far

Pros: The fact that you can plug it into your computer and it loads up all your info into the software. Many tools on the software to too tell you what eating trends are too high or too low. Give you an A1C average. Also records medications and exercise. Then you can e-mail it or print it out for your doctor.

Cons: Most insurances don't cover it and it costs $35 after tax.

Overall: The quickest way to get needed info on your diabetes. I think it's the best meter i have ever used. I love it.

By Dan K.

Overall: I've noticed that about once a year, each meter manufacturer offers a free meter at local pharmacies. As you know, the profit is in the test strips. I have several meters (actually different models from the same manufacturer) that I keep in storage in case one breaks or becomes defective. I can't recall where you're located, but it may be something worth looking into.

By locarb
compact, easy to use!

Pros: Compact, easy to use- big bold letters/#s, love the built in system feature within the gadget, fast load time, easy to use program and easy navigation

Cons: System/program could be better and have more features

Overall: not worth 32$ but only got it because its easy to track your blood sugar and easy to transport/email to show doctors etc. stick to the free ones or discounted ones your hospital offers you. use your $ on getting lancets, etc.

By dagger1234