Contour Meter

Brand Names: Bayer

The Contour blood glucose meter by Bayer codes automatically the when you put in the test strip so you don't have to worry about coding the meter each time you use a new bottle of strips. With underfill detection, the meter ensures that enough blood is used to perform each test successfully--avoiding costly wasting of test strips. Alternate site testing is available. It also has automatic control marking to eliminate the need to manually mark control tests. It produces results in 5 seconds and has a 480-test memory and is compatible with Bayer's Diabetes Management Software. This meter requires Contour Test Strips, but Ascensia MICROFIL strips can also be used.

Community Rating: 4.3

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Contour Meter Reviews

Great little meter

Pros: Small and easy to use. Strips are cheaper online than is store but great meter. My husband who has been newly diagnosed now uses it for ease of use. Also lets us add more blood if not enough. (Use contour ez meter).

Cons: none

Overall: Would highly recommend this meter to anyone.

By shortysmalls
This my fav meter. insurance changed me to an Ultra Ove touch, do NOT like it. So, I go on EBay to get my strips & lancets & keep using my Bayer contour meter.

Pros: EZ to use and read

Cons: Insurance made me get a different meter!

Overall: Love it,

By squirrel mama

Pros: Great meter, easy to use, accurate

Cons: No cons

Overall: My health care agency give diabetics a new meter every year. They gave me this brand for several years. I found it accurate, easy to use and is programed so the user can record why the reading is what it is.

By Turtle
Easy to use.

Pros: I am newly diagnosed, and this is the only meter I have used. It is simple and quick to use.

Cons: None

Overall: I am pleased with this meter's ease of use.

By sweetslover
COuld have a better lancing device

Pros: - professional sturdy meter - cheap test strips

Cons: - horrible SLOPPY bag design - lancet needles is a pain because of disposable reasons ALSO HURTS WHEN PRICKING EVEN WHEN ITS ON THE LOWEST DEPTH

Overall: Maybe its that i am newly diagnosed too and not really used to the pricking as everyone else but i found the lancets to be a major pain and more time consuming to use. i perfer one like the accu chek fastclik built in 6 drum lancets. fast and painless.

By dagger1234
Contour meter the one I love!

Pros: I love the contour meter. It is easy to use and does NOT turn itself on like the Ultra2 does. I used this meter for years and it was free to me with my insurance but when I changed insurance, they made me change meters. You can get a new free one every year. It has a cable but you have to buy it separate. The cable allows you to download info. onto your computer.

Cons: None.

Overall: I loved this meter and miss being able to use it. I mean if you have to test 4x daily and give shots, choice should be an option, yes?

By Turtle