OneTouch VerioIQ Meter

Brand Names: Johnson & Johnson/Lifescan

The OneTouch Verio IQ is the newest offering in Lifescan's family of glucose meters. The key benefit to the OneTouch Verio IQ is that it has "Pattern Alert Technology." Over the course of testing, the computer will alert you to "patterns" in your blood sugar levels. The Verio IQ comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 weeks between charges. You can store over 750 tests in this meter. Testing takes 5 seconds. The OneTouch Verio IQ uses OneTouch Verio Gold Test Strips. These are advanced strips that correct for common interferences like certain pain relievers and vitamin C. This meter uses the same data management software as the other OneTouch glucose meters, but this meter also includes the USB cable to connect it to the computer and also recharges the battery.

Community Rating: 3.7

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OneTouch VerioIQ Meter Reviews

I have a good meter

Pros: Easy of use

Cons: Strips too expensive ($75 for 100 strips)

Overall: Very good so far.

By fspowers

Pros: Free from my health care, Download with Same Cable used to Charge

Cons: Only able to record if reading is a result of before or after eating, cannot record exercise, illness, other major things that factor into a reading.

Overall: I have had this terrible meter since last January when it was time for my new meter. I do my readings first thing in AM and at bedtime. I keep my meter charged because one time I didn't and all of a sudden it went dead. Nowhere in meter that I can find to record things such as exercise, illness, etc. that may effect my reading. I find the feature of being able to do so helps me explain abnormal reading to my dr. I don't appreciate having this junky meter pushed on me by the health care agency I use.

By Turtle
Excelent meter...Love it

Pros: The ability to get One Touch software for free. Built in rechargable lithium ion battery, ability to tag before meal and after meal. Small size.

Cons: Battery life seems to be a little short. Sometimes charge time seems too long. Test strips too expensive.

Overall: I like this meter. I just wish they would do a meter that you could store all log books atuomaticaly to a Andriod smart phone. As a techno-geek, that would awesome.

By Ez0412
Great meter with brains

Pros: Case is excellent with a place for everything.

Overall: Has been a great meter helping keep track of my blood sugar. 2 week charge on the battery.

By leecarol
Adequate enough but....

Pros: Uses normal USB cord, and your data is easily downloaded to their program on your computer. Five second readings. Uses a very well lit and decently large display screen.

Cons: The ENTIRE line of Verio IQ meters were ALL voluntarily recalled for some significant problems. Times for new replacement meters were (are?) obscene, Defective strip readings are extremely common with no visible reason for them to occur (Wastes new strips). Low battery readings occur excessively. Not the best meter for humidity/low-temp environments. Serious variations at both the high and low ends of the blood glucose measurement scales. e.g. Same finger, tested seconds apart might be 30-50 points different between the two readings (or more).

Overall: Poor unfortunately. I like the light which the meter gives off. Used it as a mini flashlight many times. Be able and willing to retest a lot using this meter. Readings will often vary using the same finger testing done only seconds apart. Using washed hands (warm water), my results are/were often very very different and not merely by a point or two. They are different by a spooky amount. Despite that, if this meter is what your insurance company will get, do use it. In my experience its not nearly as good as some generic or brand name meters available but, it usually works. These are my experiences, others will hopefully vary.

By Stuart1966
just got this meter today

Pros: easy to use, like its slim like a computer, so much better than my older machine,

Overall: LOVE IT and glad walmart recommended it

By bilow72