OneTouch UltraMini Meter

Brand Names: Johnson & Johnson/Lifescan

The OneTouch UltraMini glucose meter is quick with a 5 second test time. The UltraMini uses the same Ultra test strips as the OneTouch UltraSmart and Ultra2. An alternate Site Testing clear cap is available with this meter. There are no alarms, pre/post meal markers, averages or other advanced features like this. All OneTouch glucose meters are also compatible with LifeScan's diabetes management software. You must purchase the software and a data cable bundle for $29.99.

Community Rating: 4.0

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OneTouch UltraMini Meter Reviews

J & J lost their touch

Pros: fully covered by insurance, but…

Cons: the software(v.2.3.4) no longer works on win7, no idea if win-8 or win-10 any better (doubt it, it's MacroSloth after all). three hour+long sessions with phone support to no avail. their new "REVEAL" software is utterly fubar: failed as the above, ntm it's cloud-based [scary stuff, privacy-wise]

Overall: was okay for many years, sad to see it go belly up; now shopping for a different meter.

By Anonymous
Making ultra mini more useful

Pros: Utilizing Glooko app w/cable to ultra mini makes the basic meter a very useful tool. Price is extremely reasonable, last one less than $10

Cons: Have had date change on its own. When synch'd with app there is an error message until changed. Also moving they time zones is difficult as app is synch'd with phone, meter is not

Overall: Very good. I'm on my third meter after many years of testing 4-5 times daily.

By Anonymous