OneTouch Ultra 2 Meter

Brand Names: Johnson & Johnson/Lifescan

The OneTouch Ultra 2 Glucose Meter can track pre/post meal tests and allows you to add comments about a particular meal or food item you consumed. The Ultra 2 uses the OneTouch Ultra Test Strips. The strips are compatible with six other OneTouch meters. This meter requires only a speck of blood and a 5 second test time with a 500-test memory and organizes results in 7-, 14- and 30-day averages. All OneTouch glucose meters can use the company's diabetes management software. The software is not free; the software and data cable must be purchased in a bundle.

Community Rating: 4.1

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OneTouch Ultra 2 Meter Reviews

Thanks for the insight

Pros: None at the present time.

Cons: None at the present time.

Overall: None at the present time.

By MisterEHollander

Pros: good thing

Cons: not so bad

Overall: good

By James Whitener

Pros: Works well

Cons: Doesn't work better

Overall: decidedly even

By James Whitener
One Touch Ultra 2

Pros: Free from my insurance and can get a new free meter once a year. Easy to use. Big numbers so easy to see.

Cons: The meter turns itself on in the case, burning up the battery life.

Overall: I don't care for this meter but I have to use it for insurance reasons.

By Turtle