OneTouch Ultra Meter

Brand Names: Johnson & Johnson/Lifescan

OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Meters provide blood glucose test results in 5 seconds, offer alternative test site options, and various memory and flagging features. OneTouch Meters with data ports can be used in combination with the downloadable OneTouch Diabetes Management Software and a PC to compute averages and trends. The software is available from LifeScan's Web site but you must purchase the connecting cable. The OneTouch Ultra requires OneTouch Ultra test strips. Other key features include an easy-to-read screen and small meter size.

Community Rating: 4.3

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OneTouch Ultra Meter Reviews

Pros: It's the most accurate

Cons: Cannot test strips with insurance is 120. For 100 strips when need to test 4 to 6 times a day. Well don't test. No strips.

Overall: Would live to not feel this way out of balance but can't tell what blood reads. So stay dizz6

By Need to test
Set in my ways

Pros: This meter will go hand in hand with the Medtronics insulin pump,yes it has flagging capabilities and a 5 second wait for results. It is a blessing if going into a low blood sugar

Cons: The test strips are rather pricey

Overall: Been using one touch for 15 years with great results, the fact is I do my glucose test which is transmitted to the insulin pump. Using the Bolas wizard to enter carb. count and it dose the math to deliver the right amount of insulin. I have the insulin pump set up to remind me to do glucose again in 2 hours. The one touch meter helps me allot with out it I have to put Sugar result into the insulin pump manually and I tend to forget that part. Must be old age. LOL

By Grimpy56