Glucose Meters

A glucose meter is an essential tool for helping to manage diabetes. A variety of manufacturers offer blood glucose monitors with a wide variety of features and functions. Read reviews from diabetes patients about their real-world experience using their glucose meters. Discover which glucose meter best meets your needs.

Latest Diabetic Glucose Meters Reviews

Accu-Chek Aviva Connect

I like mine

Pros: it lets me auto sync with my phone and that helps me keep a log of my readings in this tech geek world (and I am a geek) it is a great way of blending the tech with the old style log book

Cons: none thus far

Overall: it...GREAT!

By Rick1971

OneTouch UltraMini Meter

J & J lost their touch

Pros: fully covered by insurance, but…

Cons: the software(v.2.3.4) no longer works on win7, no idea if win-8 or win-10 any better (doubt it, it's MacroSloth after all). three hour+long sessions with phone support to no avail. their new "REVEAL" software is utterly fubar: failed as the above, ntm it's cloud-based [scary stuff, privacy-wise]

Overall: was okay for many years, sad to see it go belly up; now shopping for a different meter.

By Anonymous