Glucose Meters

A glucose meter is an essential tool for helping to manage diabetes. A variety of manufacturers offer blood glucose monitors with a wide variety of features and functions. Read reviews from diabetes patients about their real-world experience using their glucose meters. Discover which glucose meter best meets your needs.

Latest Diabetic Glucose Meters Reviews

OneTouch UltraMini Meter

J & J lost their touch

Pros: fully covered by insurance, but…

Cons: the software(v.2.3.4) no longer works on win7, no idea if win-8 or win-10 any better (doubt it, it's MacroSloth after all). three hour+long sessions with phone support to no avail. their new "REVEAL" software is utterly fubar: failed as the above, ntm it's cloud-based [scary stuff, privacy-wise]

Overall: was okay for many years, sad to see it go belly up; now shopping for a different meter.

By Anonymous

ReliOn Prime Meter

Generic meter for a reason

Pros: Inexpensive strips, one of the least expensive meters around. Ideal backup meter.

Cons: VERY difficult to insert the strips into the strangely positioned and small slot. Accucheck, Freestyle meter this is NOT. No lancet gun or strips come with the meter itself. Such so called "accessories" must be bought separately. If you don't have them whether this is your first meter, or you lost/broke the old one(s), their lack adds to the cost meaningfully.

Overall: Two stars solely because fo the price. A fine back-up meter for the glove compartment, or to add to the pile of the ones you store in the closet when your insurance company changes their minds about the newest/latest machine they WILL randomly choose to pay for this year. It's a meaningful problem to NOT have a lancet gun, for most people. You only need a single lancet to do the "job", but some will balk at getting blood "by hand". (Unintended pun really...). It should be included.

By Stuart1966